Here at KAIROS , we are all about taking chances—on opportunities, and each other.  When company founder Wayne Reeves dreamed up KAIROS years ago, he visualized a community of skilled workers passionate about the technologies of tomorrow and the good old-fashioned business ethics of yesterday. At the core of this community is the bond of family. Together with Wayne’s son, Scott, the two established what is now one of the most successful veteran-owned, small business start-ups in the Washington area. With a combined knowledge spanning three quarters of a century, they are looking to grow the business—and the KAIROS family.

Currently, KAIROS employs 20 team members, all who have taken a chance on the KAIROS philosophy. And we are only getting larger—with contracts in the pipeline, we are seeking hard workers with a passion for our mission: providing ethical, customer-focused, quality work to our clients.

Joining our team means joining the KAIROS family. We support each other, teach each other, and learn from each other. Happy employees are productive employees—we work hard, but we play hard. Team-building is essential to our success, and we incorporate opportunities to collaborate and get to know each other in our day-to-day functions.