The KAIROS, Inc. Team is committed to providing the highest levels of quality in our products and services. We implement Best Practices Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) Programs predicated on Independent Managerial and Technical Subject Matter Expert Review. Our approach is tailored to the specifics of each tasking and is founded on the principle of continuous improvement at every level of delivery.

Within each project, primary responsibility for performing QA will be delegated to a project independent resource in order to ensure objectivity in the performance of the QA responsibilities. This QA lead plans the QA activities in conjunction with the project planning activities and ensures that the QA process, procedures, and work instructions adhere to KAIROS, Inc. Team and project requirements.

The QA scope documented in each project’s Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) will include the schedule for the objective audits and reviews and the approach for non-compliance and deficiency handling, quality record management, and reporting. This ensures that the project’s defined processes are implemented as planned and that intermediate and final products and services comply with the applicable standards and related requirements. The KAIROS Team’s QAP offers its customers significant savings in cost, schedule, and performance through proven, well-managed methods of contract execution. We have the reputation, past performance, and financial stability to support both small and large contracts. All contracts are performed using the highest standards of integrity, quality, and fairness to our customers

Our QAP will incorporate policies and procedure, segregation of duties and responsibilities, reporting, and operational and organization audits in their management and operational framework in an effort to create an environment for continuous improvement.

Segregation of duties ensures that no one person is solely responsible for the entire process end-to-end, without effective checks and balances. For example, key authorization processes should have appropriate checks and balances. The person who originates the task or work breakdown should not be the same person who executes the mission. These simple checks and balances ensure effective controls and reduce organizational error rates.

Our QC approach is a four-phased process that includes the following: (1) gathering product or service data to determine that results comply with the program plan as well as relevant quality standards and performance targets; (2) analyzing the data to determine compliance and trends; (3) recommending any changes needed to the processes supporting the product development or service and for changes that have been approved and implemented, (4) continuing to monitor our performance as part of continual process improvement.

The KAIROS Team’s approach to quality control is to monitor and record results from quality activities to assess performance and make recommendations for improvements. When we identify non-conformances that require corrective actions, we will perform a root cause analysis (RCA) to identify alternative courses of action, communicate corrective action recommendations to stakeholders, track approved corrective actions to completion, and verify the effectiveness of the corrective actions as well as preventing a recurrence of the non-compliance.

By building-in a continuous improvement approach at each level of a project, we are able to instill in our team the value that quality is everyone’s job, not simply a function to be added at the end of a project. Applying a continuous improvement approach at each level of project deployment involves the following actions in order to check and review quality:

Individual Self-Assessment: In this quality check step, each member of a team plans and then evaluates individual actions and contributions to ensure that any inaccuracies, omissions, or other weaknesses are corrected at the point of their occurrence, not later in the process.

Team Review: The project team works together to ensure that problems involving work quality or team operations are solved as soon as the team recognizes them. Team members also provide motivation for one another to continually work at the standard of excellence that KAIROS requires.

Management Quality Reviews: Our Project Manager and Senior Staff regularly review the quality of work in progress, particularly as sub-tasks are completed or decision points approach. Management oversight ensures that, when problems arise, we have an immediate response focused on fixing the problem and getting the task back on track.

Organizational Systemic Change: When problems arise which require attention to process, we conduct an analysis by convening a working group that identifies the source of the problem and recommends systemic changes, such as process re-engineering, to prevent its reoccurrence.